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(English Translation): Mr. KC  Park.

A new project, Pigeon birth control and its statistical analysis using with infertile feeding system, has been processed in Korea.
This project is led by Namdong borough in Incheon district first as of the permanent leaning business.
A carrier pigeon is well known as a peace messenger throughout the history and beloving messenger from people to people like Picasso, and even with Mike Tyson etc.

For having international game event like 1986 Asian Game and 1988 Olympic in Korea, we were only focusing to increase the number of pigeons with diversified method but after these events, we failed to managing its huge breeding.

Although a pigeon is also known as a pure and clean animal to wash themselves at least five times a day, lack of its habitat and food caused them to wondering around the cities as a group of vagabonds and finally became a harmful animal in our living. 

It is useless to mention that we can not terminate the pigeon but also can not feed them to survive at all. Therefore, it is an ironic issue for us to consider the importance of its life at the same time to consider its termination. No matter what the solution is, this is a very significant time for all of us to care about our environment and awareness of this issue.

Indeed, a certain guideline not to feed them is not the solution to manage or control its number. It may cause them to attack the garbage can or let them die by hunger on the street.

According to the Ministry of Environment, using infertile feeding system is one of their suggestions to control the number of pigeons on the street. However, many people hesitate to follow their guideline under the excuse of time and labor consumption.

Therefore, we, INAC, will start this movement with the OvoControl program. We are very positive to success controlling the number of pigeons effectively. Please help us and join us to enhance this program to the entire Korea. We can make it.

Thank you so much for your concern and interest.

Thank you Jesus.

<English Version>

To control the number of pigeons, we need to approach the new vision of work.

We need a new approach, not just feeding pigeons.

Lee Ji-hyun, CEO of Incheon Namdong-gu Animal Care (Protection Solidarity) (26), said, "I thought about how I could coexist with pigeons that have become a headache for the city

The agony deepened when I saw the banners reading "Don't feed pigeons" throughout the area

"It's hard to reduce pigeon populations just by not feeding them," she said. "On the contrary, hungry pigeons search the trash cans, causing the city to become messy." She then stressed, "We need a way to control the population by supplying infertility foods."

She also added, "Simply designating pigeons as harmful birds does not solve the problem of the city," adding, "After designating them as harmful birds in Seoul, the number of complaints has more than nine times increased from 126 in 2015 to 1,177 the year before."

Therefore, she is planning to operate a fertility foods center in a park where many pigeons gather. Developed countries such as the U.S./Canada are effectively controlling the population of pigeon with this method, so we may expect the good conclusion if we use the same method as above.

CEO Lee said, "Pigeons have the character of eating at a set time and place," adding, "we will collect the data through monitoring the operation of feeding them with infertility foods only at a set time and place."

Infertility foods plans to use the products from Canada where they already have managing and controlling the population of geese and pigeons with their contraceptive’s technology.

For this project, we have begun to receive the sample products from the United States. When this project literarily starts, we can absolutely prove its effectiveness by collecting data based on daily, weekly and monthly.

For the last, she also empathized that "We are preparing for the last minute of this project how to figure it out the collective data," adding, “Once it is done good, we will distribute statistical data for the better movement of social campaign on this.” She then finally said, "We will find a way to create a society where we can live together while awakening the importance of life."

Jong Il Choi

English translation : Mr. KC Park

Thanks Jesus.

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